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10 Ways to Celebrate Harry Potter’s (and J.K. Rowling’s!) Birthday

One of my favorite new (to me) blogs is Three Chic Geeks. Basically, they took all my fandoms and neatly wraps them up in one geeky/nerdy fabulous package. Love it!
Anyway, today Critique Geek shared some ways to celebrate the birthdays of Harry Potter and his wonderful creator, J.K.Rowling. I especially love her tenth suggestion…check it out!

Three Chic Geeks

Happy Birthday Harry & Jo

Today marks the 33rd birthday of that messy-haired boy with the funny looking scar with whom many of us grew up. It also happens to be the birthday of Queen Rowling, the brilliant mind that brought us the HP universe and everything we love about it. In order to commemorate this special day, we’ve compiled a list of ways to celebrate Harry James Potter, Hogwarts, and the magic of friendship.

Plus there ain’t no party like a Hogwarts party cuz a Hogwarts party don’t stop!

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Two big things, part 2

The second big thing in our lives happened in February.  Hubby John and I were watching a show on Animal Planet about different dog breeds.  Mothers Day 2013On this particular day, on this particular episode, they showcased the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  We had never heard of the breed but we found ourselves glued to the TV, listening to every word about this loving, laid-back, lap dog!  We looked at each other and agreed that maybe we could go for that kind of a dog!

I started researching Cavaliers online and thought I’d look into what it would take to get a puppy.  I soon discovered that to get a puppy from a reputable breeder was out of the question cost-wise.  Besides, John and I are getting older and really didn’t think we had the energy required to raise a puppy.

So I wondered if I could find one at a rescue shelter somewhere.  Low and behold, not 10 minutes later, I discovered a rescue shelter called Partners for Pets, less than two hours from our home, and they had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Sissy! (

Adoption Day 2-16-13

Adoption Day

Our daughter, Emily and her hubby live in that area so we contacted them to ask if they knew anything about Partners for Pets.  Well, not only had they heard of them, they had actually adopted one of their three rescued cats from Partners for Pets!

We read the description about this older female Cavalier who was loved by the staff and volunteers alike at the shelter. It said she had a hard life as a breeder dog in a puppy mill and she had many, many puppies before they decided she was no longer of any use to them. We felt her tugging at our heart strings from that moment.

So, we took a deep breath and downloaded the adoption application.  It was quite extensive!  We had to give references, the name of our vet, and tell them how we would care for an adopted pet, about our life-style, and so on.  After sending in the application, the waiting to hear back was nerve-wracking!

Finally, we got an email reply and were told that we were approved but we were second in line to adopt this sweet dog.  If the first applicant’s references didn’t check out, then we’d be first in line.  Oh my, the waiting was hard, but we wanted the best for us and for Sissy so we trusted the Lord for everything to work out the way it was supposed to.

Just a day or so later another email came from the shelter volunteer.  This one said that we were now first in line to adopt Sissy and asked when we could come to one of their adoption events to meet her!  Yay!!!

Our Little Lady

Our Little Lady

So on Saturday, February 16, John and I drove down to the Partners for Pets adoption event, met Lady (as we named her), fell completely in love with her, and brought her home!  ♥

Of course we’re all still adjusting to our new lives…. Lady was not house trained (although that’s getting much better) and she still doesn’t know how to play, but she is flourishing with a loving family in her fur-ever home!

We’ve had Lady now for about 4-1/2 months and are thinking that she needs a companion dog, so we’re praying for the right one to adopt when the time is right.

Thinking of getting a pet?  Please consider rescuing a dog or cat…you won’t regret it!

Always remember that home is where the heart is … and there’s no place like home!
Auntie M