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Egg Fast – Day 2

Today was Day 2 on the egg fast.

Once again, it was a pretty easy day!

Here’s what I ate:

7:30 a.m. – Bullet Proof Coffee with 1 tbls butter and 1 tbls coconut oil
8:15 a.m. – Bullet Proof Coffee with 1 tbls butter and 1 tbls coconut oil
10:30 a.m. – 2 boiled eggs, chopped, with 2 tbls homemade mayonnaise and 2 oz cheese
3:15 p.m. – 2 egg omlet, cooked in 2 tbls butter with 2 oz cheese
6:30 p.m. – 3 boiled eggs, chopped, with 3 tbls homemade mayonnaise

Before bed, I’ll have consumed at least 92 oz water. Still a little short of 100 oz, but I’m not going to stress over it!

I tried to drink my second cup of coffee black, but just don’t like it that way. So I had a second cup of BPC. I don’t seem to be having any unwanted effects today!  🙂

Two years ago, on August 1, 2014, I started a true low carb high fat way of eating. I’m pretty sure I haven’t been eating enough fat. This egg fast is opening my eyes.

Bring on Day 3!

Remember that home is where the heart is, and there’s no place like home!
Auntie M


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Egg Fast – Day 1

Today was Day 1 on the egg fast.

It was easy peasy!  I wasn’t hungry at all and enjoyed the challenge!

So here’s what I ate:

7:30 a.m. – Bullet Proof Coffee with 1 tbls butter and 1 tbls coconut oil
9:00 a.m. – Bullet Proof Coffee with 1 tbls butter and 1 tbls coconut oil
10:30 a.m. – 2 eggs, pan fried in 2 tbls butter
2:30 p.m. – 1 egg, pan fried in 1 tbls butter with 1 oz cheese
6:30 p.m. – 2 eggs, pan fried in 2 tbls butter with 2 oz cheese

Throughout the day, I drank approximately 80-90 oz water.

I got close on the recommended amount of water, but not quite up to the 100 oz. minimum. I’ll do better tomorrow.

I must say that I’m not sure that 2 cups of BPC in the morning is such a good idea.  I mean, it really got things moving…if you know what I mean!  :0

Then again, maybe that’s not such a bad thing!  😀

It’s 9:00 p.m. and I’m not hungry at all. I was kind of worried that I would be. This may be easier than I thought!

I’m looking forward to what Day 2 will bring!

Remember that home is where the heart is, and there’s no place like home!
Auntie M


Retirement and an Egg Fast

Well, 7 months after making the decision to retire…I did it!

Last Friday was my last day at the Chamber and today is my first day of retirement.

It feels good!  It also feels weird. I’m not taking a sick day or a vacation day, but I’m home.  Just feels weird.

I still have our grandson here every morning, so that feels the same.

Our two dogs, Lady and Cassie, are happy I’m home! They don’t really care why…they just know that they’re not left alone. That’s a good thing for them…and me too.

So what am I doing on this first afternoon of retirement? I wrote a whole bunch of thank you notes! It feels so good to have that done!

I also started an egg fast. My first ever egg fast. It’s a 5 day egg fast. Why I keep saying egg“egg fast” I don’t know, but I can’t seem to help myself!  hehe

The low carb group I’m in on Facebook started a new “30 by Thanksgiving” challenge today. I thought that also starting an egg fast today would be a good way to kickstart the weight loss challenge. It should also keep me busy in this first week of retirement.

I know there are many resources out there about doing an egg fast. I’m going with Mellissa Sevigny’s ideas at I Breathe I’m Hungry. She has developed some of the best low carb recipes out there and I know I can count on her!

From Mellissa’s blog post, “What is an Egg Fast?” –  It’s a (short term) diet that consists of primarily eggs, cheese, and butter.  For each egg you eat, you should eat a corresponding Tbsp of pure fat in the form of butter, olive oil, or coconut oil.  You can also eat a corresponding Tbsp of full fat cheese per egg.  Doing this will result in an extremely low carb, high fat, moderate protein intake that will kickstart your body into fat burning mode.

I’m going to post every day this week and let you know what I’m eating and drinking…and how I’m feeling about it.  🙂

If you are already used to being in ketosis, why don’t you join me and do an egg egg - heartfast yourself! Here’s what you should do – just pop over to Mellissa’s blog and get the guidelines, menus, and recipes.

Let’s see how this works! Good luck!

Remember that home is where the heart is, and there’s no place like home!
Auntie M


Mr. Peanut Bread

Living the low carb lifestyle is tasty and satisfying, but there is one thing I do miss…bread. I’ve tried quite a few low carb bread recipes, some were successful and some less so.

I recently found a new recipe and gave it a try yesterday. Success!

Introducing…Mr. Peanut Bread!

It’s delicious, easy to make, and with just a few common ingredients. That’s a win in my book!

Please bear with me…this isn’t a food blog and so my photos aren’t very good and there aren’t very many of them.  Just two, in fact. But I’ll share the recipe here and, trust me…you’ll want to make this for yourself!

Mr. Peanut BreadMr Peanut Bread

1 cup natural peanut butter, smooth (we make our own peanut butter, but that’s another post)
3 eggs, beaten
1 Tablespoon vinegar
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 packet sweetener (optional)

Preheat oven to 350°. Spray mini loaf pan with non-stick spray.

Blend peanut butter and eggs until smooth. You can use a spoon, whisk, or hand mixer. I told you this was easy!

Add in remaining ingredients. Mix well.Mr Peanut Bread slice

Pour into a sprayed mini loaf pan and smooth the top. Bake for 30-40 minutes.

Let cool before slicing into 16 slices. (Since I used a mini loaf pan, the bread rose above the top of the pan. When it was cool, I sliced the top off for tasting.  It could have easily made four more slices!)

Mr Peanut Bread nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts from MyFitnessPal

Yield: 16 lovely thin slices.
Carbs per slice: 3 g, Fiber: 1 g. Net carbs: 2 g

Notes from the original author: The texture of this loaf is fantastic. It is not dense like many coconut flour breads. It is springy, yet sturdy enough to hold together well for sandwiches. If you don’t mind a slight nutty flavor, this will be a go to recipe. It can be made into muffins too. Just think, a great bread with no specialty ingredients or time consuming methods.

There you have it… Mr. Peanut Bread. So easy and so yummy!

Remember that home is where the heart is, and there’s no place like home!
Auntie M


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Why I Don’t Go to Church

I know the title of this article may surprise and shock many friends and relatives. But the truth is, I haven’t gone to church in a very long time.cross in tetons cropped

I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is my savior and I know that someday when I die, I will go to heaven and live with him forever.  I’m a Christian.

As a child, I was born into the church, baptized, attended Sunday school and vacation bible school, was in youth group, and sang in the choir.

As an adult, I was active in the church, taught Sunday school, vacation bible school, and children’s church, directed the choir, and led praise and worship.

Hubby and I wanted this for our family, too. So we raised our children in the church where they were baptized, attended Sunday school and vacation bible school, were in the youth group, and attended church camp.

If the church doors were open, we were there.

So what happened? Why don’t we go to church?

We got burned out. Sorry if this sounds lame to some that have never experienced it, but pretty much plain and simple, we got burned out.

If it were only from not being able to say, “No”, we would have gotten over it a long time ago. And believe me, we have tried to go back to church from time to time over the years.

We got burned out on people, especially those in leadership, who said they were Christians but treated others judgmentally and even harshly…in the name of Jesus. People who preached love, but their actions were anything but loving. I realize no one is perfect and I don’t expect perfection. But love and acceptance isn’t that hard of a concept.

So, what brings all this to mind today? What is fueling the anger and hurt so much that I just have to write about it?

I have been wanting to try going to church again and have made plans to visit one in the very near future.  This morning I thought, “Let’s watch a local church service (a different church than where we’re going to visit) that is on TV and see what God has for us today.”  I chose one that I’ve watched before and thought was good.

The sermon was interesting, but then the preacher got to the closing prayer. It has always irritated me when preachers offer up a prayer that is really another little sermon. A little sermon prayer that contains verbiage they wouldn’t say to the people directly, but somehow think it’s OK to put it in a prayer. Well, in this sermon prayer this preacher was praying for our country (that’s OK) and then…he started praying against the “evils of Islam.”  The what?  He called Isalm the anti-christ because they don’t accept Jesus as anything more than a teacher.

I’m sorry (not sorry) but that is wrong. It came out of ignorance and was meant to incite fear and prejudice, all framed in the guise of a prayer.

Loving others means accepting those with whom you disagree and it means praying for them. Many (or most) so-called Christian preachers and other church leaders just don’t get it.

Here’s what Jesus had to say about it from Matthew 5:43-44: “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor. (Leviticus 19:18) Hate your enemy.’ But here is what I tell you. Love your enemies. Pray for those who hurt you.

Referring back to the sermon prayer I heard this morning, if the preacher had prayed for terrorism to come to an end and/or for protection from terrorism; even if he had mentioned Islamic extremists by name…I wouldn’t have been so upset.  To vilify an entire peaceful religion because of an extremist sect is wrong. It’s like saying all of Christianity is evil because of Westboro Baptist Church and others like them.

This morning’s preacher could use a review of Matthew 5:44.  I also realize that Jesus’ words here are for all of us, including me, so I’m going to pray for him to gain a deeper understanding of love, Jesus style.

Will I visit another church? Yes, I will.

Will I be disappointed in so-called Christians who use their religion to hurt others?  Yes, I will. My faith is in God, not people.

Pray for others. Love them…all of them.

Remember that home is where the heart is, and there’s no place like home!
Auntie M

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I Believe in Love

The Relay For Life was held recently and it was a wonderful event!

So much love and support for cancer survivors, caregivers, family, and friends.

D & J Cancer Crushers

Mother and Daughter Cancer Survivors

Debbie Jessi 2016

Survivors and Caregivers

survivors caregivers 2016

Hubby and I are wearing our orange Believe t-shirts. Our purchase helped Relay team, D & J Cancer Crushers, to raise funds for research, education, support for those fighting cancer, etc.
The orange is to honor my mother, who is fighting kidney cancer.

John Marsha orange for kidney cancer 2016

Love was the word of the day.

Be sure to tell your family and friends like family that you love them. Tell them every day. You never know how many opportunities you’ll have to do so.

I believe in love!

Remember that home is where the heart is, and there’s no place like home!Auntie M

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I Believe


John and I are anxiously waiting for our Believe t-shirts to arrive. These shirts were designed to be worn in support of Dominic’s other grandma, GBelieve w Dominicrandma Debbie, who is dealing with breast cancer. We chose orange t-shirts to support awareness for kidney cancer which my mother, Dominic’s Grammy, is dealing with (she’s also a breast cancer survivor). We also wear the t-shirts to honor Dominic’s Mama, Jessi, a thyroid cancer survivor.

I believe that cancer sucks.

Thinking about the Believe t-shirts got me to thinking about what else I believe in.  Here is a list of some of the things I came up with.

1.  I repeat… I believe that cancer sucks.

2.  I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

3.  I believe that every life, born or unborn, is precious and deserves to be loved, nurtured, and cared for.

4.  I believe we should spay, neuter, rescue, and adopt animals that have no home.

5.  I believe less talking and more listening would solve a lot of problems.

6.  I believe we should tell our family (and our friends like family) that we love them; and we should say it every day.

7.  I believe we should speak a blessing on our children and on our spouse when we part ways in the morning.  A simple “God bless your day!” may make all the difference.

8.  I believe singing and laughter are important parts of each and every day.

9.  I believe in having breakfast for supper, leftover birthday cake for breakfast, and ice cream at any time of the day!

10.  I believe that children are precious gifts from God. We must love them and protect them always. We must remember that they learn by doing and accidents happen…the old adage, “It’s no use crying over spilled milk,” is really, really true. Relax and enjoy!

11.  I believe that trust in God and the love and support of family (and friends like family) can help us get through just about anything.

12.  I believe that a positive outlook is important for health and well-being.  If circumstances are dire and it’s hard to be positive, see #11.

13.  Lastly, I believe in the power of prayer. And that cancer sucks. Let’s all pray for a cure.

Remember that home is where the heart is, and there’s no place like home!
Auntie M